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Image by James Wainscoat

Utility Pole Inspections

Performing scalable, effective, and professional utility line inspections, drone operators must be equipped with the appropriate drone/sensor package to execute flight operations while maintaining quality control for data collection. Vertex Unmanned provides optional drone configurations for large and small scale inspection services for electric utility companies. 

Industry Standard Drone Solution



Sensor Payload

Matrice 300 RTK 
Zenmuse H20

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK equipped with the Zenmuse H20 sensor is setting the industry standard for effective, feasible, and scalable utility inspection services utilizing drone technology. Having the ability to conduct flights over 30 minutes gives the operator substantial time to complete a comprehensive inspection across large or small energy grids. With the Zenmuse H20, the 20 MP Zoom Camera offers 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom that enables precise inspections of small components while having a safe standoff distance from the tower. 

40+ Minute Flight Time

Interchangeable Payloads

Dual sensor Configurations

Dual controller capability for precise sensor control

-4°F to 104°F (operating temp)

IP45 Rating

12 MP Wide Camera

20 MP Zoom Camera (23x Hybrid Optical Zoom)

Laser Rangefinder (1200 Meters)

IP44 Rating

-4°F to 122°F (operating temp)

Active Image Stabilization and Electric Image Stabilization

Image by Jeremy Perkins

Drone Solution Made in the USA




Sensor Payload


Introducing the ASTRO from Freefly Systems. This robust and versatile drone offers end users the ability to conduct aerial inspection services for electric T&D lines with confidence. This gives the end user the ability to contract with government agencies, specific electric utilities, and other entities that require "US Made" products.  

The ASTRO offers excellent flight time that is equipped with a 61 MP SONY camera that enables inspection companies/service providers to gain high resolution imagery for utility pole analysis. If you are looking for a US made alternative, the Freefly ASTRO is an excellent solution while still being able to maintain quality control and scalability within organizations. 

25+ minute flight time (with maximum payload)

Equipped with a multi-band RTK system

| Maximum payload capacity of 3.3lbs

Interchangeable payloads (RGB, Thermal, and 3rd Party        Custom Payloads)

-4°F to 122°F (operating temp)

61 MP Camera

Vibration Isolated Gimbal Quick Release

Interchangeable lenses

Zoom capability for precise inspections

-32°F to 130°F (operating temp)

Image by Pavel Polansky

Compact Drone Solution for Distribution Line Inspections



Sensor Payload


Introducing the Parrot ANAFI USA. The Parrot ANAFI USA is a great alternative for companies that only allow drones that are made in the USA to collect data on their critical infrastructure. It's equipped with an EO/IR/Zoom payload sensor that offers the ability to swap between each sensor function mid-flight. This light weight and user friendly drone provides 16MP image quality in order to acquire actionable data for distribution line inspection services.

Made in the USA. Encryption Ready.

Weighs 500 grams for light weight and compact versatility. 

| 32 MPH max wind resistance. 

| Open source SDK capability

32 Minute max flight time

-32°F to 110°F (operating temp)

32x Zoom Camera (Digital Zoom)

320 x 256 FLIR Boson Longwave Infrared Thermal Sensor

| 16 MP Camera (21 MP Wide Camera)

4K Video Resolution 

Hybrid 3-Axis Gimbal 

Image by Christer Andersson

Corridor Mapping for Transmission & Distribution Lines

Whether you're needing a LiDAR configuration to perform as-built surveys for T&D electric utility lines, line sag analysis, or vegetation management services. Vertex Unmanned can provide you with the appropriate setup, integration, and guidance to complete the job.

Drone LiDAR Solution Made in the USA




LiDAR Payload

Camera Payloads

SONY Alpha Series or Phase One

We at Vertex Unmanned support and trust the Freefly Alta X platform for drone LiDAR applications. Vertex Unmanned offers a ready-to-fly drone kit that provides each end user the ability to conduct confident and precise survey missions. The RIEGL LiDAR system and the PhaseOne 50-100 MP camera offers an excellent combination for colorized point clouds while maintaining industry standards for LiDAR data acquisition. 

Made in the USA

Vibration Isolated Gimbal Quick Release

| 30-35 minute flight time with payload

PX4 Flight Controller

Expansion Ports to power third part sensors

Survey grade sub cm-level accuracy

| 500k - 1 Million points/s (up to 7 returns)

Absolute accuracy of +/- 2-3cm

8 - 12 lb payload options 

Real time view of LiDAR point cloud

    being collected during flight

100 MP camera

14°F to 104°F (operating temp)

35mm, 80mm, 80mmAF, 150mmAF, and        300mmAF lens options

540 - 1900 grams

Light Sensitivity (ISO) 50 - 6400

Image by asoggetti

Helicopter LiDAR & Multi-payload Solution

When drone or mobile options for data collection are not feasible or cost effective, Vertex Unmanned offers consulting services for manned helicopter data acquisition. We partner with the best to deliver end to end solutions for as-built surveys, vegetation management services, corridor mapping, and consolidated inspection services for electric transmission and distribution lines. 


Manned Helicopter

LiDAR Payload

Phoenix LiDAR VUX-1 RANGER LR or XL 

Multi-Sensor Payload

GSS Multi-Payload Sensor

Consolidated inspections 

| Multiple Data Sets Captured Simultaneously

| 75 - 100+ miles/day of LiDAR collection for 

    transmission line corridor mapping 

| Geographical service region: All 50 States

| Cost effective solution for large scale projects

Survey grade sub cm-level accuracy

| 500k - 1 Million points/s (up to 7 returns)

Absolute accuracy of +/- 1-3cm

Real time view of LiDAR point cloud being        collected during flight

| PhaseOne 100MP and SONY HD

    video camera

| Geotagged imagery for precise accuracy

| Fixed zoom lens for detailed imagery

| Interchangeable payloads (EO/IR)

    1024 x 768 (IR)


Lets work together! 

15+ years of combined experience in the drone industry

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