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Industry Standard Drone Solution 

The robust Matrice 300 has a multi-payload configuration for search and rescue applications. Excellent sensor payload options gives the end user the option to simultaneously toggle between a 640 x 512 Radiometric thermal camera and a 20MP zoom camera for optimal situational awareness while conducting aerial operations during the day or night.



Matrice 300 RTK 

Sensor Payload

Wingsland Z15 Spotlight

Sensor Payload

Zenmuse H20T


| 40+ Minute Flight Time!

| Interchangeable Payloads

| Dual Sensor Configurations

| Dual controller capability for

    precise monitoring/sensor control

|  32° to 104°F Operating Temperature

| 10200 Lumens

150M (operating range)

-4°F to 122°F (operating temp)

LED Lights for optimal night operations

12 MP Wide Camera

20 MP Zoom Camera (23x Hybrid Optical Zoom)

Laser Rangefinder (1200 Meters)

640 x 512 Radiometric Thermal Sensor

-4°F to 122°F (operating temp)

"Vertex Unmanned and Logan have been unbelievably helpful to our UAS program. We recently upgraded our main platform to the DJI Matrice 300. From training our staff to continued technical support to this day, we could not have done it without the help of Vertex. We look forward to continuing working with Vertex well into the future as their team does a great job of keeping us up to date on emerging technology that is crucial to Public Safety."

-Nick Heinemann, Deputy |  Anoka County Sheriff's Office

Quick Response Drone Solutions






The Autel EVO ll Dual is a versatile drone solution for quick response situations and can be stored in the back of a squad vehicle. With the ability to capture 4k video and thermal imaging gives end users multiple data sets all in one sensor package. 


30+ Minute Flight Time

EO/IR Dual Sensor

640 x 512 Infrared Camera (Non-Radiometric)

48 MP Camera

8x Zoom (4x Lossless Zoom)

14° to 104°F Operating Temperature

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

DJI has developed and now offers a small drone platform that can be utilized for search and rescue for law enforcement agencies. With the ability to toggle between a 48 MP camera and a 640 x 512 Radiometric thermal sensor, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced the ideal platform for quick response scenarios. 


48 MP Camera 

32x Digital Zoom Camera (4x Lossless Zoom)

640 x 512 Radiometric Thermal Sensor (30Hz, 16x Zoom)

RTK Module Capable

Robust Data Security Integrated and AES-256 Encryption 

Compact Drone Solution 



Mini 2


The DJI Mini 2 has been tested and utilized best for quick and compact aerial operations within houses, buildings, etc. for surveillance and tight corridor operations. 

3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera

12 MP Camera

30+ Minute Flight Time

32° to 104°F Operating Temperature

Weighing in at 249 Grams

Level 5 Wind Resistance

Aftermarket Spotlight Attachment

Lets work together! 

15+ years of combined experience in the drone industry

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