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Mapping Solutions for Engineering and Survey Applications

There are several drone platforms and sensor configurations on the market for mapping applications. Being efficient in the field is a must when conducting aerial mapping services for customers. That's why Vertex Unmanned has chosen the Alta X as the go-to mapping platform due to its long endurance flight time and lift capacity to carry high megapixel cameras or large RIEGL LiDAR systems.  

Drone Mapping  Solution Made in the USA


Sensor Payload

GeoTagging System


 Alta X

SONY A7R4 or PhaseOne

GeoSnap Pro


Made in the USA

Vibration Isolated Gimbal Quick Release

| 30-35 minute flight time with payload

PX4 Flight Controller

Expansion Ports to power third part sensors

61 MP Sensor

35 mm full frame

Interchangeable lenses for different applications

-4°F to 122°F (operating temp)

| Geotagging system with                attitude tags for you aerial              images

Built-in single-frequency                  GPS receiver and Inertial                Measurement Unit (IMU)

Autonomously trigger your            camera at the time or distance      interval you configure

| Integrate to SONY, PhaseOne,      Nikon, or Canon cameras

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"We are grateful for the level of support the Vertex Unmanned team has provided us with purchasing a UAV LiDAR system and expanding our UAV services. Over a year ago we approached the Vertex team about wanting to invest in a UAV LiDAR solution. Since then, they have been diligent about keeping us informed and educated about potential systems, making sure that we found the right solution for us. The level of attention and technical knowledge they provided gave us confidence that we made a choice that would benefit us and our clients. "


 -Kyle Mullen, 

 UAV & Remote Sensing Specialist


Drone LiDAR Solution Made in the USA



LiDAR Payload

Camera Payloads


SONY Alpha Series or Phase One
LiDAR Mill

We at Vertex Unmanned support and trust the Freefly Alta X platform for drone LiDAR applications. Vertex Unmanned offers a ready-to-fly drone kit that provides each end user the ability to conduct confident and precise survey missions. The RIEGL LiDAR system and the PhaseOne 50-100 MP camera offers an excellent combination for colorized point clouds while maintaining industry standards for LiDAR data acquisition. 

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